All “Hands” Down: FATHER Releases New Single

Everyone not only needs to watch out for people’s hands this year, but also for Awful Records new moves
Cover Art for “Hands”
If I were to walk into a party or “lit” event with my squad, “Hands” is the anthem I’d like blasting from the speakers.

It’s that song you take a cruise around the block with your friends with the windows rolled down. Good vibes are everywhere in FATHER’s new track.

Everyone not only needs to watch out for people’s hands this year, but also for Awful Records new moves.

The founder of Awful Records, FATHER (aka fatheraintshit) released his single “Hands” on February 3. He is a triple threat at his own label being the founder, a recording artist, and producer. Over the years, many other contemporary artists have either branched away from record labels or have started their own to let their own creative juices flow.

This trap anthem has his smooth yet raspy vocals over a backing track consisting of bells and solid bass produced by Meltycanon. Meltycanon and FATHER also made “Heartthrob” together last year. It, like “Hands,” has a variation of bells and chime sounds layered with a syncopated clapping trap beat. “Hands” is different in how the backing track makes me laugh because of its silliness. The sounds are so playful that it reminds me of a little kid playing around with bells, but in an organized fashion. The juxtaposition of the harmless beat over his violent lyrics creates a bliss point for the ears, like the perfect combination of sweet and salty. It gives the track an addictive quality.

“Hands” is easy to listen to, and will have you replaying it a many times in a row. With a message “Why you lyin? // Why you frontin?” that calls out all of the fake people that act like they are going to do things, but end up doing nothing, Father is more than willing to put his “Hands on sight” (“Hands”). The tone and attitude he carries throughout the song gives him a fearless and careless persona. He does not care who you are. If you are in his way he will remove you.

Courtesy of FATHER’s Soundcloud

Life is always about knowing when to stand your ground to certain people. Unlike FATHER, I won’t be using my hands anytime soon. Him and Meltycanon gave this song balance between its lowkey-violent lyrics with its playful upbeat backtrack to give it that good vibe feel. I give FATHER a round of an applause for what he has done so far with Awful records while still creating in the studio himself. Keep up with Awful Records and their future projects to come!


Previous Projects: pretty boy satan. (2013), Young Hot Ebony (2014), L1l D1ddy (2014), Boys and Girls Club (2014), Papicodone EP (2015), Baby Hot Ebony (2015), Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First (2015), I’m a Piece of Shit (2016)


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