Cosmo Pyke’s First EP “Just Cosmo” Is Just Excellent

Go to the park, play some soccer, lie down and cry about ex-lovers, sip a latte. Just do something outside with your friends and blast this album!
Cover Art for “Just Cosmo”

With his own crafted brew of Lo-Fi, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Hip-Hop, South London based model and musician, Cosmo Pyke, is serving up something listeners of every taste will drink up. Arriving just as Spring wakes from its long nap, “Just Cosmo,” Cosmo’s debut EP, makes you want to sit out on your lawn, close your eyes, and let the sun caress your face. It is sultry, real, and comfortable. It is perfect for anyone who loves the lo-fi feel of Mac Demarco, the soulfulness of Gary Clark Jr., or just excellently written, catchy tunes.

Cosmo was first seen in Frank Ocean’s music video for “Nikes,” but he now has two music videos of his own: “Social Sites,” released last November, and the newly released “Chronic Sunshine.” The first is a lazy, easygoing look at a relationship based in the age of social media, which, according to an interview with Dazed Digital , plays a large thematic role on the EP. His lyrics talk about “sitting alone, sipping a latte/heartache every single time I wake up,” showing the nonchalant melancholy perspective many of his songs have on relationships and the modern world.

“Chronic Sunshine” seems heavily influenced by R&B and Dub/Reggae with its guitar on upbeats and dreamy falsetto vocal runs. His voice is unique in its ability to sound extremely laid-back, but still very focused. His ear-catching lyrics compliment his voice in their genuine and simple yet detailed subject matter. Toward the end of “Chronic Sunshine” Cosmo spits some bars and his flow is just as strong as his singing voice.

“Just Cosmo” as a whole is filled with plenty of twangy guitar, hard hip-hop beats, and body shaking grooves to make every song a hit. The carefree lyrics and music make the listener wish they were living as Cosmo does: riding bikes, lying in the grass, meeting up with friends. He knows how to make the things we take for granted seem like a dream, and his music reminds us that his life is one that we could be living if we took time to step back from the world and just relax.

Every song also has a small hint of heartbreak and anger, as the opening track “I Wish You Were Gone” bluntly puts it, “I wish you were gone/so fucking bad,” These hints at heartbreak are not so overpowering that they make the listener sad: They just add a nice balance to the upbeat feel to the music. This is definitely happy, easy-listening music suitable for the cheerful and gloomy alike.

Courtesy of Cosmo Pyke’s Soundcloud

This EP and relaxed days in the sun go together like fish and chips, tea and crumpets, or any other London-based cliche. Go to the park, play some soccer, lie down and cry about ex-lovers, sip a latte. Just do something outside with your friends and blast this album!

Cosmo will be touring the United Kingdom this Spring and will hopefully come stateside sometime soon. Listen to the EP in full below:


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