Colleen Green – Colleen Green (EP)

Colleen Green’s most recent release, Colleen Green (EP), is taking a sweet fizzy sip of 80s and 90s punk from the bottle of the modern California indie-pop scene. Green has returned more to her early style of a simple drum machine track, distorted guitar, and her melodic, easy-listening vocals.

Green’s last album, I Want to Grow Up, a play off an album from 80s punk band the Descendents, channeled her pop side, and featured a real drummer, so this new EP is a step in a different direction. Its simple drum machine tracks and classic punk chord structure, similar to The Ramones or blink-182, prove that Green is more than capable of hopping all around the genre that is “indie-pop.” Green’s voice, smooth but accented by an hint of raspiness, is distinct in its ability to be contained but raw. The doubling of the vocal into stereo sound also helps by making her seem very in your face (in the way a punky pop rocker should be). Simplistic guitar solos, like the one on “Cold Shoulder,” are reminiscent of the English indie-rock band The Vaccines’ debut album, What Did You Expect From the Vaccines? (one of my all-time favorite albums).

Lyrics like, “sun, sun, fucking up my love now (Cold Shoulder),” describe a feeling everyone feels: the universe wants your life to suck. These lyrics of lost love build upon Green’s angsty punk sound on this record. My favorite track on the album is “Green My Eyes.” Its chorus alone solidifies it as the most pop-satisfying track, “green my eyes so I can see…,” which feeds the hungry suppressed normie within me (It’ll get stuck in your head, be warned).

Colleen Green (EP) is very different from Green’s last album, but is distinctly her sound. Both punk and pop work perfectly for her voice and the music she’s making. This is an EP that you could easily listen to over and over again while kicking back with your friends, and the perfect thing to wake up to hungover on your front lawn without any pants on.

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