The Undercover Dream Lovers – “Good Luck”

“Good Luck” a single by The Undercover Dream Lovers — solo project of Brooklyn artist Matt Koenig— is an emotive realization in the glow of a shitty party.

Matt Koenig of The Undercover Dream Lovers

“Good Luck” captures a jump of saturation and alleviated pressure, like burning an old notebook, leaving home, or realizing the banality of turning twenty-one. Synthy keys pound down as a bass line rolls in, creating an aurora of rejection and revival.

The chorus takes on an almost lucid quality. “Calm me down/ We’ve both been here before/ Tear me down/ There’s no one at your door/ Figure out/ The feeling and the cure/ What I need is your disease/ To bring me to the floor.” As instruments mash and dim, “Good Luck” is a camera spinning upward in silence.  It’s acknowledging a familiar pattern and taking ownership. Rarely can a song take one so effortlessly into a state of detached reflection. “Good Luck” is similar to Koenig’s previous work like “The Master”as the listener is dipped calmly into a familiar hot tub of bass, bouncy almost psychedelic synth, and airy, calming, vocals. Each component is essential and distinct, tied together by Koenig’s visual and piercing lyricism. 

“Good Luck” is sipping jungle juice and letting happiness override monotony. Watch them play “The Master” at a Sofar Sounds set below! And be sure to keep an eye out for their new music video on Wednesday! But until then, we have While It’s In Style to hold you over.  

Sofar Sounds – The Undercover Dream Lovers – “The Master”

While It’s In Style (2016)

Article by Mack Caldwell

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