Goth Babe – “Shall We”

Shall We by Goth Babe—the solo project of Nashville based singer-songwriter Griffin Washburn— is a palm tree in a graveyard. It’s a cracked skateboard and getting stood up at 16. It’s an album in-line with the surf rock, lo-fi, greats like Wavves, FIDLAR, and Together Pangea.  Shall We bursts forth in a sad, sunny, haze of overdriven bar chords accented by gritty Nashville flavor. In tracks such as “Flowers,” Washburn showcases a softer, mellower tone. With synths like a pastor slamming on an organ and light riffs from a clean guitar, Washburn evokes the tenderness, grandeur, and despair of falling in love.

“Flowers” is soft, nostalgic, and yet biting like an icy embrace. “And I’m feelin you/ and you don’t have a clue/ that my heart’s so glued/ so glued to you/ and I’m feelin you/ I – I’m feeling your heart” As light riffs glide and slash, Washburn’s vocals display the desperation and excitement provoked by brushing up against a crush. “Flowers” captures an ambiguous relationship through the lens of faux apathy. It shows suppressed affection, tormenting in it’s nature, and unattainable, as it drifts slowly and inevitably out of reach. Goth Babe is a band that is sure to remind and reignite that youthful energy found in the denial of love. Check out the video below of them playing on a rooftop in Nashville! And be sure to scoop up Shall We.

Goth Babe – “Wasted Time”

Article by Mack Caldwell

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